Management Education

ABC of Oklahoma offers Management Training and Business Building Programs throughout the year.

Basic Construction Spanish

Business Survival Workshop

Commercial Construction Blueprint Reading

Commercial Construction Estimating

Construction Jobsite Management

Construction Scheduling     

CrestCom BulletProof Manager

     Communication - How to Develop & Maintain Rapport

     Communication - The Listening Advantage

     Communication - Effective Telephone Communication

     Communication - How to Connect: Communicate at a Higher Level

     Customer Service - How to Exceed Customer Expectations

     Customer Service - How to Deal with Difficult Customers

     Employee Development / Motivation - Motivating through Positive Communication

     Employee Development / Motivation - Recognition: The Key to Higher Performance

     Employee Development / Motivation - Projecting a More Positive Self-Image

     Employee Development / Motivation - Increasing Productivity through Motivated People

     Employee Development / Motivation - Creating Leaders through Mentoring

     Employee Development / Motivation - Dealing with Difficult People

     Managing Priorities - Developing a Time Investment Strategy

     Managing Priorities - The 70-Minute Hour

     Negotiation - Negotiating to Win

     Problem Solving - Tap the Creativity of your Management Team

     Problem Solving - Seven Steps to Effective Delegation

     Strategic Planning - Effective Planning: A 7-Step Formula

     Strategic Planning - Use Strategic Thinking to Improve Strategic Planning

     Change Management - Leaders make Change Work

     Change Management - How to be a Transformational Leader

     Stress Management - How to Become a Stress Buster

     Recruit / Hire - How to Hire, Train & Reward Employees