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Folds of Honor headquarters open

By World's Editorial Writers 
Published: 7/8/2010  2:26 AM

The official opening of the headquarters of the Folds of Honor Foundation missed the nation's 234th birthday by a few days, but the patriotism and generosity of those who helped make it possible did not go unnoticed. 

  Jim Elmer (left) and Carl Williams of Associated Builders and Contractors join Maj. Dan Rooney (center) during the grand opening of Folds of Honor Foundation headquarters. MIKE SIMONS / Tulsa World

The nonprofit Folds of Honor Foundation was founded in 2007 to provide scholarships to the families of service members disabled or killed as a result of military service. 

The headquarters sits on land donated by the Tulsa-based Oxley Foundation. The site also is home to one of Oklahoma's newest and one of its finest golf courses, the Patriot Golf Club, just east of Owasso.

The Folds of Honor and the golf course were dreams of Maj. Dan Rooney, a pro golfer and F-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, but that dream was made reality by many people and companies.

Members of the Oklahoma chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, based in Broken Arrow, donated at least $850,000 worth of manpower and materials to build the $1.3 million structure.

General contractors Crossland Construction Co. Inc., Flintco Inc., Key Construction and L.D. Kerns Contractors Inc., along with several specialty contractors, helped build the 3,600-square-foot headquarters building.

Rooney's dream is coming true. With the help of a lot of friends. It's a good way to begin our country's 235th year.

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Folds of Honor Headquarter Project

Located at the Patriot Golf Course, just north of Tulsa in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Folds of Honor Headquarters Project, June 2, 2010